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    • ” I can speak to the quality of the taste, texture, and aroma of the sugar. When I opened the bag, it smelled like malty brown sugar and there was a sense of it smelling “fresh.” I think that is because it lacked the harsher, somewhat sulfurous chemical notes of brown sugar that has had molasses added into it.” – S.E. Posa, Amazon Review


    • “Its Simply Amazing, with such a Fresh Pure Taste. I LOVE IT! :-)”- Islandgal7, Amazon Review


    • “This is not like C&H’s sugar in the raw. This is the real deal.”- Spoil’d Rotten , Amazon Review


  • “It truly is Great with coffee, espresso, teas, chai, guarapo, cookies, scones, breads, granola, and chocolate, baking. It’s just our true opinion”- Grandpa America, Amazon Review
  • Terroir ter´wa, French terwar Terroir ter´wa, French terwar:It retains the characteristics, taste, and flavor, imparted by the soil and climate from where it came.
  • Most Nutritious of All Sweeteners Most Nutritious of All Sweeteners:Provides a good deal of trace minerals and of some that are particularly hard to acquire in diet but are important like Manganese.
  • Easily Dissolves Easily Dissolves:In either Cold or Hot liquids it dissolves completely and multiple times faster than granulated sugars. No more shot of pure sugar at the bottom of every cup.
  • Sustainable Sustainable:Once the cane is juiced, the stalk serves as the fuel that fires the hand laddled kettle system resulting in 100% sustainability
  • Subtler Subtler:It enhances the sweetness in the food or beverage it is going into rather than turning that food or beverage a ‘sugarized’ form of its original self.
  • Better for your Health & Energy Better for your Health & Energy:Everyone knows, processing & refining is bad. As a more complex carb, Panela is probably the best for diabetics and athletes alike as a more complex carbohydrate.

SKU: 1lb-retail-kraft


Nutricional Comparison on to Honey, and Brown/Turbinado Sugar Minerals and nutrients relative to brown sugar panela

Comparison Panela

Calcium Iron

Favorites Uses by our master chefs and customers

  • Beverages: Espresso, Coffee, Tea, Guarapo, Water Bottles, Moonshine, Cocktails
  • Sauces: BarBQ, Marinades, Curing Meats, Bourbon-Panela Sauce, Sweet Syrups
  • Baking: Cookies, Scones, Baked Fish and Meat, Granola, Chocolate, Breads
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