Nature’s Original Energy Source


Jairo Quintana, a strict agua panela drinker in-race

For decades Colombian professional bike racers, inline skaters, soccer players, and other professional athletes drink “agua panela” or “guarapo” in place of just water, gatorade, or the like. In fact lately the truth is coming out in many athlete and health sources that unrefined sugar cane is probably the best “in game” or “in race” energy source of them all.

Powered by Panela” – Is a great article by the Rapha, a top of the line Cycling apparel company. In this story the writer recounts the 1985 Tour de France when rides from Europe noticed the Cafe de Colombia team putting, what they thought was some illegal performance enhancing substance in their water bottles. It was Panela.

When Café De Colombia’s assistant director was asked about the ‘magic potion’ that his team was consuming, Mario Gomez laughed. “It’s, just panela,” he said.

Panela’s structure is a more carbohydrate than refined sugars. Therefore it is not introduced directly into your blood stream giving you the refined sugar high’s and low’s.